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Step 2: Find lost file on the disk

If you select a folder in the left view, you will see its content in the right view. Now you can browse the content of your disk right like you do in the Windows Explorer. In addition to existing files and folders you will also see deleted ones. They are marked with a red cross over the icon: - for deleted files, - for deleted folders. A small red cross at the bottom right corner of the folder icon means that the folder exists, but it contains deleted files or folders.

You can click the filter button to apply file filter that will allow you to choose what files you want to see in the left window. You can filter by name, date, size and several other parameters. When you filter by name you can specify either a part of the file name or a wildcard. You can choose to see only deleted files and/or remove empty folders from the list. To disable filter simply click the filter button one more time.

Use the right view to select files and folders that you want to recover. You can also click the "Find file" button on the toolbar to search for a file by a part of its name or by a mask. Now the last step is to recover your files.