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Recovers files and folders from HDD, USB drives and memory cards

Handy Recovery works with all types of hard drives and external storages attached to your system via USB or eSATA interface. If you need to recover files from a memory card you can use a card reader to get access to your files.

Support for all types of FAT, NTFS and HFS file systems

NTFS, FAT, HFS supportAll common file systems are supported. Moreover, you can recover compressed and encrypted files on NTFS drives and alternative streams containing additional file information.

In-depth disk scanning for certain file types

In-depth disk scanningThe information about each file on the disk is stored in a file record. When the file is deleted, its record is not destroyed immediately and the file can be recovered relatively easily. However in a more complex case the file record may be absent as well. Still Handy Recovery can perform in-depth disk scanning and identify the file by its content.

Option to create disk images for deferred recovery

Deferred recoveryYou can create an exact image of the whole media containing lost files or a single drive or a partition. Such image can be saved to a special file. Later you will be able to open it and recover your files.

Preview of deleted pictures and documents

File previewYou can see the content of each file before recovering. This is especially useful if you want to choose the right file among many similar ones found on the disk.

Partial recovery for files with lost clusters

Recovery probabilityHandy Recovery estimates chances of successful recovery for each deleted file. Some files may contain clusters of lost data. They will be marked with lower probability of successful recovery, yet you can recover them partially and extract valid data.

Recovers files from deleted and formatted partitions

Lost partition recoveryIf you format a drive or even reinstall Windows, you can analyze the disk and find old partitions. When this is done, you can select one and work with it the same way you do with a healthy drive.

File browser with filters and search options

You can browse the content of a drive or a recovered partition just like you do this in Windows Explorer. You will see deleted files in addition to the healthy ones and will be able to search and filter the content by name, mask, date and size.

Recovers files emptied from Recycle Bin

Files recently emptied from the Recycle Bin are shown in a special folder separately from the other content. So you can quickly search through such files and find the ones you need to recover.