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Recover deleted files from hard drive and memory cards


  • All types of FAT, NTFS and HFS file systems
  • Recover files from deleted and formatted partitions
  • Recover files emptied from Recycle Bin
  • In-depth disk scanning for specific file types
  • Browse lost files with search, filtering and preview
  • Option to create disk images for deferred recovery


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Data recovery software for PC

Handy Recovery™ is an easy-to-use solution that restores files accidentally deleted from hard drives, all types of USB/eSATA devices and memory cards. The tool can recover files damaged by virus attacks, power failures and software faults. If a file was deleted by a program that does not use Recycle Bin or if you emptied the Recycle Bin containing the file, you can use Handy Recovery to retrieve the data. Even if you completely format a drive and reinstall Windows, you still have a chance to find your files with the special search features.

With Handy Recovery you can browse the content of your disk like you do it in Windows Explorer. The only difference is that you will see deleted files and folders along with the healthy ones. The program can search for files by name or mask and show the probability of successful recovery for each file. Recovered files can be saved to any drives accessible on your system.

You can restore the full branch of folders containing selected files. Along with the main file data, the program can recover alternate data streams used on NTFS file system to store additional information about files.

Handy Recovery works under Microsoft Windows® XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10 and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 operating systems. The program supports all Windows file systems for hard and external drives including FAT12/16/32/64(ExFAT), NTFS/NTFS 5 and image recovery from CompactFlash, SmartMedia, MultiMedia and Secure Digital cards. It can recover compressed and encrypted files on NTFS drives.

If you are looking for an easy to use yet powerful recovery tool, you have just found it. Download the 30-day trial version and see for yourself.

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Handy Recovery is priced competitively at only $49 for a single user license. For professional users we offer special multiple installations license. We provide flexible discount program for volume purchase orders. See Order section for more information. If you happen to have a problem or a question, free support is always available. All registered users of Handy Recovery can upgrade versions 2.x-5.x to 5.5 free of charge.

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Handy Recovery meets all the requirements established by Microsoft® for a number of Windows compability programs

Windows 8 Compatible Windows 8 Compatible Designed for Windows XP

What our clients say

James Whiteway

"Not ONE of those applications could see anything on the damaged drive beyond the FAT12 partition that I think FixBoot or FixMBR created. None could find the NTFS partition, although all of them claimed that they could find and repair files on deleted partitions, drives with damaged boot records etc. ONLY Handy Recovery 2.0 was able to find files."

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