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James Whiteway

I am writing to say how glad I found your product, Handy Recovery 2.0.

James WhitewayOur computer's new, 100gig Maxtor drive failed to boot and I tried several different things that were suggested to me by so-called experts to either revive the drive (Windows XP PRO CDROM Recovery Console) including using the Recovery Console to run: FixBoot and FixMBR (Windows XP PRO with NTFS file system). Needless to say, all that did was bring up: NTLDR not found when I rebooted.

After a lot of research, I found seveal posts in usenet newsgroups from people stating how well Handy Recovery worked for them. I downloaded the free trial, and it found all kinds of files on the drive. This was after purchasing (and later returning) Search and Recover 3, System Mechanic 6 and another application that claimed that it could recover hard drive data, even if the drive had been reformated. Not ONE of those applications could see anything on the damaged drive beyond the FAT12 partition that I think FixBoot or FixMBR created. None could find the NTFS partition, although all of them claimed that they could find and repair files on deleted partitions, drives with damaged boot records etc. ONLY Handy Recovery 2.0 was able to find files.

After testing with Handy Recovery, and extracting a single file (in the demo mode) my wife and I decided to go ahead and purchase Handy Recovery 2.0. All I can truly say, is this program delivers exactly what it says it will!!!

I found ALL OF MY DATA FILES and was able to copy them to my new Windows XP drive and after, reinstalling my applications, I was able to use the data I recovered using Handy Recovery 2.0. (all of this took place because, my backup images of my main hard drive, done with Ghost 9 on one backup drive and another backup made to another drive with Acronis True Image PRO 9.0........both images were corrupted and would not even be recognised by the boot CD's!)

So, Handy Recovery 2.0 was my only chance beyond some backup DVD's I had made, but, were not as recent as my USB Hard drive backups. I do programming for a living (database) and I was able to recover the latest version of my current project, completely intact, thanks to Handy Recovery.

Thank you for a great application.

I will recommend it to everyone I know.

James Whiteway
Millsap, TX